Learn about some of the local downtown restaurants we will be profiling on our tour! We are currently partnered with 8 restaurants and businesses, and will showcase 5 on each tour.




In 1984 Emiliano’s Cafe spearheaded downtown Gainesville’s renaissance, ushering in a new era of patio cafes and culinary exploration in what has become Gainesville’s beautiful, dynamic entertainment district. Over the years, terms like Nouveau Cuisine, Fusion Cuisine, Nuevo Latino, Latin Fusion or Pan Latin cuisine have come and gone. However, what has remained constant throughout the years is our commitment to bringing a dazzling gastronomic experience to your evening and that has made us a landmark of Gainesville’s restaurant scene. At Emiliano’s we bring the enticing world of Latin flavors right to your table. That’s not all! We also offer a smart selection of beer and wine from the Latin Caribbean, Spain, and South America to perfectly complement your meal, and a full bar featuring our innovative fresh mojitos and creative martinis. Whether its lunch, brunch or dinner, we promise to make your visit memorable.

looseys logo

Loosey’s like to keep it simple. Their food is homemade because they love to cook. Their beers are selected from breweries across the USA because they love a good brew. And they book their shows from Gainesville’s amazing crop of musicians because they believe in local art. And for you dog lovers, they named their bar after their dog, Loosey!

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V Pizza is the idea, creation, and funding of 4 Jacksonville natives. The main goal was to bring true Napoletana pizza to their home town. They knew that if they were going to reach their goal and serve something authentic, that they were going to have to use tools and ingredients that can only be gotten a world away (without using the excuse of distance to compromise anything). Prior to opening, the owners all agreed that authenticity was their number one priority. When they had the opportunity to expand outside of Jacksonville, they chose Gainesville, a place they consider their "second home" due to their deep Gator roots. We are lucky to have them!


The Hyppo seeks to provide customers with authentic and rewarding culinary experiences. Our Gourmet Ice Pops are hand made with fresh,local-when-possible, seasonal fruit, fresh herbs and spices, and evaporated cane juice. We strive for each pop flavor to be perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the fruit and the zest, tang, heat or creaminess of the herbs, spices, or dairy products that the fruit is paired with. With over 500 pop recipes that are rotated with the fruit seasons, and 30-50 pop flavors on display in our pop shops on any given night, one is sure to find the perfect flavor for any pallet.


Liquid Ginger

Liquid Ginger

Liquid Ginger is on a journey to provide their customers with many specialty dishes across Asia such as Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thailand and more. Not only are they presenting great food but also a friendly dining environment so customers can enjoy their meals comfortably with fantastic service. Liquid Ginger is also well-known for a large tea selection with a full page of the menu dedicated to teas. Since the start of their journey,  they have renovated a few things to improve their environment such as a larger bar, a beautiful sushi bar,  a relaxing patio, and many more. Please come and join them on their journey as it has just begun, while enjoying our large selection of cuisines and teas.